Frequently Asked Questions - Employers

What is VJOB?

VJOB is an interactive online bidding system offered by Vopp Solutions Sdn Bhd via its online recruitment platform ( It affords Employers the common ground for access to the right candidate.

It enables Employers to filter, screen the resume of talents and bid for the talents to be invited for interviews.

Why should I purchase VBID Credits?

It enables you to actively seek for candidates you require in the shortest amount of time rather than waiting.

What are the types of positions featured in VJOB?

There is a broad range of talented jobseekers across a wide range of sectors and industries available.

How do I access VJOB account as an Employer?

You would need to have a registered VJOB Employer account in order to utilize the function.

How does VJOB works?

Once your account has been registered, you are able to access the talent pool. In order to invite the candidates for interview, VJOB credits will be required.

Candidates who are being bid upon shall then be given the choice either to accept or decline the invitation offer submitted by Employers. Upon acceptance of the invitation, the candidate is obligated to attend a subsequent interview with the Employer.

How do I view the written resume from talent search?

Just click on the name of the candidate to access the written resume.

When does the bidding take place?

You may place your bid at any time after each bidding session is open and before the closing date.

How long does each bidding session last?

Each bidding session shall last for 3 months, commencing on first day of January, April, July and October at 12:00 AM. and last day of March, June, September and December at 11:59 PM.

Where do I purchase credits?

1 bid is equivalent to 1 credit. Credits are available to be purchased online (in multiple of 5 each time) via prepayment basis. You shall be re-directed to the payment gateway once the number of credits to be purchased is selected.

Alternatively, you may approach our Business Account Managers in order to purchase credits as well as to enquire on suitable packages which would suit your hiring needs. Please call our Hotline at 1300-22-1399.

How am I charged under the VJOB system?

Registration is FREE. An Employer would need to purchase VBID credits if they wish to participate in the bidding session. Once an Employer placed a bid, the bid shall be indicated as “Allocated” and the Employer would not be able to utilize it until the Candidate takes action whether to accept / reject the invitation by the Employer. The allocated bid shall be placed on hold until if no such action is being taken by the Candidate being bid upon, the credit shall again be available for use by the Employer after 48-hours.

Is there a limit to the number of positions that I can bid for?

No, there is no limit to the number of positions you can bid for, you are allowed to bid on as many positions that you require so long as there is sufficient VBID credits.

Can I place a bid if my account runs out of VBID credit?

No. You cannot view the talent pool if there is no VBID credit in your account. You would need to purchase further credits (in multiple of 5s) should you wish to place more bids.

Is it possible for me to withdraw my bid before the Candidate accepts?

You may withdraw your bid as long as the Candidate has not accepted the invite.

When my bid is placed, does it mean that I am obliged to hire this particular Candidate?

No. By placing a bid, it merely indicates your interest to invite this Candidate for a subsequent interview. Employers can still choose not to hire the Candidate after the interview has been conducted.

How long is the validity of the VJOB credits?

The validity of the VJOB credits is for 12 months.

What if the Candidate did not respond to my invitation?

The Candidate shall be given a 48-hours window to perform an action as regards to your bid. In the event that there is no response within the set time period, the system shall automatically deemed the bid is declined and your VBID credit shall be returned back to your account.

How do I know I am successful in a bid?

Upon the Candidate’s acceptance of your invitation, a VBID credit shall be deducted from your account. The click button shall indicate the result whether the bid has been accepted, declined or is still pending from the Candidate.

What happens to my VBID credit if a Candidate declines my invitation?

Once you have placed your bid, the Candidate shall be given 24-hours to consider accepting or declining your invitation. In the event that a Candidate declines your invitation, your VBID shall be credited to you within the following day to be used for bidding for other available Candidates.

What do I do after my invitation has been accepted?

The full Candidate information shall be made available to you to contact and to arrange for interview.

Can I renegotiate for an alternative salary package with the Candidate that is different from the bid?

We strongly emphasize on the integrity of our staff as well as the individuals who uses our platform. It is highly not recommended for an Employer to offer a lower salary package than what is being offered initially. In such case, a Candidate may lodge a formal complaint against the Employer and once it is found that the Employer is at fault, the Employer will be blacklisted and banned from using the VJOB function for 1 year.

Do I get back my VBID credit if the Candidate did not turn up for the scheduled interview?

An Employer can obtain recourse by submitting a formal complaint against the Candidate and an investigation shall be carried out by VBid. Once it is determined that the Candidate is at fault, he/ she will be blacklisted and banned from using VBid for a period of 1 year. 1 VBID credit shall then be refunded to the employer accordingly.