F.A.Q. for VBID

  1. What is VBid?
    VBid is an interactive online bidding system offered by VOpp Solutions Sdn Bhd via its online recruitment platform ( It enables candidates the ability to stand out and increase their visibility of being seen by potential employers of their choice.
  2. Why should I use VBid?
    To get instant access to a qualified vacancies from motivated employers. Our platform gives the rare opportunity for you to highlight and showcase your talent and abilities; therefore increasing your chances of being hired.
  3. What are the types of positions featured on VBid?
    There’s a broad range of employers across a wide range of sectors and industries available.
  4. How do I access the VBid feature?
    You would need to have a registered VJob account in order to utilize the function.
  5. What do I need to do to join VBid?
    Fill out all required particulars and info correctly. Photo uploading is compulsory. It is better to upload a video resume to heighten your chances of being bid upon. Then select the bidding session which you wish to participate in. Once you have made your selection, your resume is available to be viewed by verified employers during the bidding session that you opted for.
  6. How does VBid work?
    Jobseekers who are interested being bid upon can register for a new account.

    On a bi-weekly basis starting from Mondays, there shall be a bidding session. During these bid sessions, employers are given the chance to bid and invite candidates whose talent they intend to procure for their organization.

    Candidates who are being bid upon shall then be given the choice either to accept or decline the bid offer submitted by employers. Upon acceptance of the bid, the candidate is obligated to attend a subsequent interview with the employer.
  7. Why I can’t upload my video resume?
    You will need to install Flash Player 11 or higher before you are able to upload your video resume.
  8. How long does my video resume needs to be?
    All jobseekers are recommended to upload video resume for FREE up to 60 seconds (i.e 1 minute).
  9. How am I charged under VBid system?
    All jobseekers can register for FREE.
  10. When does the bidding take place?
    Bidding shall be held on a monthly basis starting from Mondays and ends on Fridays of the following week. You may submit your video resume to be reviewed by our website administrator latest by Thursday before the official bidding session starts.
  11. How long does the each bidding session last?
    Each bidding session shall last for 1 month, commencing on Monday@9:00am and closes on every Friday@3:00pm of the following week. The session schedule is displayed at your summary page.
  12. Is there a limit to the number of positions which I can accept?
    As at now, there is no limit of number of bids that you can accept.
  13. Is it possible for me to withdraw my resume after the employers have commenced bidding?
    You cannot withdraw from a bid session when the bidding is still ongoing. However, you may choose to reject or not to take any action; after a certain time window of 48-hours had lapsed, the system shall automatically reject those pending bids on your behalf.
  14. Is there a time limit to the bid offer?
    You are accorded a 48-hour window to either accept or decline a bid offer by a prospective employer. Thereafter, the system shall automatically reject those pending bids on your behalf.
  15. What do I do after I accepted a bid?
    Your full resume shall be made available to the employer who shall then contact you to arrange for subsequent interview.
  16. By accepting a bid, does it mean that I will have to work for the particular company?
    No. Accepting a bid means that you agree for the employer to contact you and consented to be interviewed. You are obligated to attend the interview as scheduled once you have accepted a bid.
  17. Can I access a bid that I have declined previously?
    You may view the history of the bids which you have declined but you will not be able to accept any offer previously made to you.
  18. What if I did not show up for the interview as scheduled?
    An employer can obtain recourse by submitting a formal complaint against you and an investigation shall be carried out by VBid. Once it is determined that you are at fault, you will be blacklisted and banned from using VBid for a period of 1 year.
  19. What if I was offered a salary package that is much lower or different from that stated?
    It is up to your discretion whether to accept or decline the offer made by the employer. Alternatively, you may lodge a formal complaint against such employer for breach of terms of offer made. An investigation shall be carried out by VBid and once it is determined that the employer is at fault, such employer will be blacklisted and banned from using VBid for a period of 1 year.