Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To become renowned for being the ultimate job portal that is able to resolve and reduce the recruitment process whilst promoting cross boundaries recruitment with ease.

Our Mission

To be the No.1 online job portal in Asia. We are committed to continuously develop cutting edge innovations in order to drive our web portal towards excellence, providing an effective e-platform that makes the hiring and business processes fair and fun.

Our Objective

In tandem with our mission to ease the complexity of the recruitment process, our main objective is to provide an innovative platform that is effective and user-friendly.

We understand the importance for both employers and jobseekers to showcase their advantage clearly, in order to bridge the gap for better communication and understanding of each other’s needs.

We believe this would heighten the success rate of the job matching process and ultimately helps to increase the retention rate of employees once employers and employees are appropriately paired.

Our Values

Initiative is the virtue that is embedded into our company’s DNA and the value that we want to make it shine. We welcome and promote energetic and boundless enthusiasm within our organisation culture to generate the creative flow of ideas and to inspire improved innovations to be incorporated into our platform for the betterment of all.